Purpose of the National Mental Health Association

Mental Health America believes that they are a leading advocating organization in the area of mental health. They address issues related to the entire spectrum of mental issues and cover substance abuse as well. The scope of work of the organization spans the entire nation. Some of the aspects that the organization looks into include ensuring proper education and awareness about mental illnesses among the masses. It also gets involved in ensuring that there are adequate levels of hygienic health facilities for patients and that these facilities are manned by people who have the expertise and training to manage such places.

With an experience of more than 100 years the organization has been able to take actions at the basic level in order to address mental and substance issues with compassion, love and expertise. The organization has more than 300 affiliates across 41 states. The stated mission of the organization is "Mental Health America is dedicated to preventing mental problems, promoting mental health and substance use conditions and achieving victory over mental illnesses and addictions through education, advocacy, service and research."

The managers of the organization dream of a society that is fair and human towards all people that suffer from mental illnesses. They envisage a time when all people shall be given the same respect and dignity irrespective of the mental illness status that they have. Therefore the people in the organization work towards creating wellness, mental recovery and victory over mental conditions with the use of proper care and counseling. The organization also helps in suggesting better methods for research, prevention techniques and better ways in which these issues can be diagnosed and detected early.

The guiding principles of the organization have created the belief system that the place follows. This includes beliefs that mental health is a basic issue of social justice and that there is no health without mental health.


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