National Mental Health Association

The National Mental Health Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping people with mental disorders. It is based in Alexandria, Virginia. The organization has more than 320 affiliate organizations that work together at a state or at a local level. The movement that the organization exemplifies is one that aims at better mental wellness and higher levels of mental health for everyone across the country.

The organization is now known as Mental Health America but they continue to be people who have experienced issues related to mental illness and health at some point in time. The people who work for the organization appreciate the challenges that the patients and the family members of the mentally ill people face. Therefore they advocate aggressively so that they can ensure that the rights of these people are safeguarded.

The organization also includes primary care doctors and nurses who have the expertise to help those impacted negatively due to mental issues. This coterie of medical experts also includes researchers and scientists who continue to explore treatment options for various kinds of mental conditions. In addition to the team also includes many businessmen who know that good mental health is extremely important and therefore contribute to the cause in more ways than one.

Schools, school officials and the youth are also involved in this mission to see the country as a far mentally healthier place. The people of the organization believe that good emotional health is critical to the fulfillment of life's desires and that there is a great connection between the mind and the body.

The National Mental Health Association is a partisan organization and does not have any religious or political views. They consider themselves to be public officials who are trying to change the system from within. They believe that the organization should be present in any place where there is a possible cause of mental stress irrespective of whether it is a natural disaster, a domestic abuse situation, a war, a traumatic experience or conflict.


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